Cool Reclaimed Wood Lamps

Get some cool design lamps. They claim these lamps are made of up-cycled wood. Old timber turned into great furniture pieces. Really?!

Yo, these guys from Surabaya, in East Java, make some really cool design lamps.

The human shape is totally moveable, and can be twisted into many funny shapes.

They claim it's from reclaimed wood, but neither the product nor the packaging carry any proof of this... and honestly the lamp itself does not look like it's made from re-used wood. They told us so probably just to appear smart and trendy... lame.

Magic Green - Cool Reclaimed Wood Lamps
Swimming, sitting or any other position you can think of!

But, rest easy, feel good, turn on your wood lamp! Adjust it into a new position reflecting how you feel at the moment.

Magic Green - Cool Reclaimed Wood Lamps

Now enjoy the always changing shape of your new lamp.

Magic Green - Cool Reclaimed Wood Lamps
Muhammad Arifin is the designer

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