Cool Reclaimed Wood Lamps

Get some cool design lamps. They claim these lamps are made of up-cycled wood. Old timber turned into great furniture pieces. Really?!

Yo, these guys from Surabaya, in East Java, make some really cool design lamps. The human shape is totally moveable, and can...
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Brazilian Reclaimed Wood

Recycling wood is clever! From Indo to Brazil many up-cycle old timber turning it into furniture.

Peroba is a common tree in Brazil, local craftsmen use its wood for everything. From the strong, straight-grained stock that resembles oak,...
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Stop alien species

At recent ASEAN meeting Indonesia pushed the need to combat invasive alien species.

At recent ASEAN meeting in Canada, Indonesia, represented by Dr. Gono Semiadi of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), stressed that the...
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Indonesian reclaimed wood

Reclaimed timber is trendy now! Check out this smart way to up-cycle old wood turning it into furniture.

Rest easy, feel good, you are sitting on a reclaimed timber chair! In the last few years in Indonesia and specially in...
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Sustainable wood

Forest Stewardship Council is demonstrating responsible forest supply chain management

The future of the world’s forests is very important to the planet, to animals, to businesses, to all of us. That’s why...
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Building with bamboo

Bamboo is unmatched as a sustainable building material. It grows quickly and doesn't destroy the land.

Bamboo, technically a grass, has been used in building for centuries due to its impressive strength. It offer twice the compressive strength...
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Paper towels

Nearly 4 billion trees are cut down each year for paper.

Did you know that nearly 4 billion trees are cut down each year for paper. Used paper towels are not recyclable. 1...
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