Rethink Plastic

A movement to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the existing solutions. Movies, education, and government pressure.

Some wise people are creating a global movement that encourages all to #RethinkPlastic.

Social Impact Through Film 🔗

A Plastic Ocean’s message raises the awareness of plastic pollution and the existing solutions. We continue to bring this message around the world to national legislatures, city councils, schools, universities and environmental organizations. It is creating policy and social change around the world.

Magic Green - Rethink Plastic

We continue to be humbled by the film impact that A Plastic Ocean continues to make around the globe.

Plastic Oceans Foundation has over 50 partnerships around the globe with non-profits, government agencies, businesses, universities and schools. Highlights of some of these partnerships include phasing out Styrofoam containers in the US Embassy in Peru, changing legislation in Barbados and potentially Australia, reducing plastic consumption in hotels in New York, Phuket, Thailand and more.

Plastic Oceans Foundation has reached over 100,000 Facebook members and has also launched Facebook pages in Barbados, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

The United Nations Information Center of Bogota screened the film in 25 schools throughout Colombia and over 200 students participated. They created videos and took pictures to share their commitment to reduce plastic.

Education Program 🔗

Engage your school with the 22-minute version of our award-winning documentary, A Plastic Ocean, along with its accompanying 43-page Educational Supplement. Download a preview and contact us.

Social Enterprise Program 🔗

We are focused on finding solutions to plastic pollution and believe that young entrepreneurs can be guided to develop new businesses that can play a meaningful role.

Magic Green - Rethink Plastic
focused on finding solutions to plastic pollution

Our unique program encourages the creative minds of school-aged students to develop ideas that can help in the fight against plastic pollution.

The program is designed to help teams generate ideas and work with industry mentors to develop the initial steps to creating a business plan. Click below to download our program. Use our contact form for full details.

Download program PDF

Global Partnerships 🔗

POF partners with non-profits, government agencies, businesses, universities and schools.

We want to engage everyone in a conversation to rethink plastic together. To discuss how we can work with your organization to make our oceans and humankind healthier, please contact Brigette Allen to discuss our programs.

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