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Volcom Indonesia offers an example of responsible action, the Red Bag race.

Racing To Clean

From the great mind of Ketut β€œKing Kong” Kasih, owner of Volcom Indonesia.

The red bag race is a competition to collect trash.

It takes place during surf contests organized by Volcom Indonesia.

It aims at educating kids on acting about environmental pollution.

Biggest bag wins but there are prizes for everyone participating.

Local kids flocked to check out the local surf contest. Organizers get these kids involved with a side event. A trash pick up race with the goal to win some product prizes.

Leveraging youth enthusiasm to improve the environment.

Cleaning plastic pollution is a game. Kids are given a 10 minutes and a red bag. When time is up, they all line up with their hunt and got their moment of fame and free products.

At the end the beach is left way cleaner than it was before the local surf contest started.

See the full article here:

The red bag race - Fumes magazine

The red bag race - Fumes magazine