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This global phenomena is growing bigger. And it's happening in Bali too.

Trash Hero

So you like to talk trash huh?

The Trash Hero movement is a global phenomena and is growing bigger. They educate and act.

In Bali too, people are taking it in their own hands. It’s Sunday and at the Bajra Sandhi Monument you can see a bunch of people wearing yellow T-shirts walking around with recycled rice bag and picking up the plastic trash.

They are part of their local group, Trash Hero Sanur, which is supported by the following sponsors: Asli Desain, Cafe Locca Hostel, Sweet Magnolia, the Green Team Sanur…

The Trash Hero network, which links communities all over the world, is concentrated in Southeast Asia, in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore, but also extends into Europe, Africa and the USA.

The Trash Hero mission

Trash Hero tackles waste in the environment, but also at its source. Programs are action-based and inclusive, engaging the whole community to clean their environment and reduce their consumption of throwaway plastic. The formula is simple:

WEEKLY CLEANUPS: No Cost. No Sign-Up. Just Show Up.

Bring communities together to clean and reduce waste through action and awareness, education, sustainable projects, inspiration.


Each chapter brings together residents, businesses, government agencies, schools, tourists and other stakeholders to take positive action on waste:

You too can help them to do more to clean and reduce waste, by making a donation today.

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