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B"orn in Bali this platform for recycling is tackling the trash problem head on."

Gringgo Smarter Waste Collection

In many places around the world, trash is a big problem and recycling is not easy, so people don’t recycle. Gringgo make it easy.

Gringgo was initially created as a platform for recycling aimed at local schools. Their goals was to make recycling easier, rewarding and fun. The concept has evolved and now Gringgo is tackling the trash problem head on.

Gringgo Vision

Smarter waste collection service that is more reliable, cheaper and greener. Creating more jobs and higher incomes for waste workers.

Gringgo Mission

Innovate & create positive social & environmental impact. Build a waste network that helps reduce ocean plastic pollution by 25% by 2020 in South East Asia & increase recycling rates by 50% by 2022

Gringgo Denpasar map.

Data & waste service in Denpasar

Gringgo provides information on all the things you can recycle, how much those items are worth and then connects you to recycling traders who can buy your trash.

If you live in Bali you can consult their wastemap and find all the spots were they buy used plastic bottles and where you can drop your recyclable waste. They also made an App for that.

Browse through the list of items to learn about all the things you can recycle. Click on category images to see what individual items you can recycle. Then click on the individual items to get more detailed informations as well as the current price for it.

Gringgo also provides a tool for residents to submit pollution complaints and issues such as illegal dumping, open burning of waste and river dumping.

Complaints will be forwarded to the local authorities so they can be resolved. People at Gringgo hope you’ll find the app helpful.

Most trash is not trash, it’s really cash. So start Recycling!!

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