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PLN, Indonesia electricity company, plans to generate 50 MW of renewable electricity in 2021 from two solar powered plants in Bali.

Bali Solar Energy

The Government’s has promised alignment to the Paris Agreement and plans to reach a target of 25% renewable energy within 2025.

Two privately built solar power plants in Bali are expected to beginning working in 2021. The plain is to reach 100 megawatts in 2023.

”This will certainly be in line with the vision and mission of the governor of Bali to make this area a green province” Nyoman Suwarjoni Astawa, General Manager of PLN Distribution in Bali

According to a recent report in The Jakarta Post, the government mandated state owned electricity company PLN, to take over the responsibility of developing solar fields and mini-hydropower plants in remote regions across the country beginning in 2018.

Previously overseen by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s directorate general of energy conservation and renewable energy, this allows PLN to negotiate a fair price directly with Independent Power Producers.

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