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An affordable recycling service for homes and business.

Eco Bali

Eco Bali invented a two bin system. One red bin for all non-organic waste like glass, metal and plastic and one green bin for paper.

They provide the bags and collect your waste as often you as you decide.

Eco Bali services household, villa, office, business, restaurant, hotel, community and school. They focus on maximizing recycling.

Collected waste is sorted at their facility. They recover materials, reducing the amount of waste ending in landfill and polluting beautiful Bali.

The costs for households recycling system starts at 155.000 IDR monthly, signing up for minimum 6 month.

For your organic trash you can get a compost system.

That’s easy to handle and they’ll teach your staff how to use it. Price for a 1-2 people household starts at 1.550.000 IDR once.

All prices depends on how often the bins should be changed and how big your place is.

Eco Bali creates knowledge and awareness about waste and responsible management. They push towards a zero waste lifestyle.

They teach the importance of a healthy ecosystem and responsible waste management. They offer educational for Schools, Businesses and Communities.

To start is easy, just sign in at Eco Bali website or call +62 822 37799819. Or just get a consulting meeting, here is the Eco Bali address: Kel. Kec. Kuta Utara, Jl. Raya Padonan, Tibubeneng, Badung, Bali 80361.

Eco Bali - Website

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