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Soon available in Indonesia the retro looking scooter with revolutionary features.

Honda Electric Cub

The new Honda EV-Cub is definitely an eyebrow raiser. Two electric motors, one in the front, the other in the back. Sure this is unique. I only know of a few electric bikes that have that configuration, which, by the way, is plenty of fun in the right conditions.

Is the Honda EV-Cub going to show more performance than its gasoline counterpart? Surely, that would cannibalize its regular Cub market.

“Possibly we will sell Honda EV-Cub globally in 2018, including in Indonesia” Shinji Aoyama, Honda Japan

One positive and intriguing system Honda is working on is called LOOP, a communications system for EV-Cub riders that relies on solar power. It’s described as a portable device for rider-to-rider and passenger communications.

The battery will be detachable, which we have come to expect on smaller two-wheeled EVs.

Currently Honda is working with Panasonic to develop electric motor batteries for the Indonesian market. To note Honda EV Cub was only able to drive about 70 km.

Honda ev cub motor listrik

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