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A seaweed based eco-friendly alternative to food-grade plastic. And you can eat it.

Evoware Not Plastic

Plastic pollution is a global problem in our modern society, a worldwide threat to the environment, flora and fauna. A major part of that pollution comes from our habits, and take-away food along the food-grade plastic containers, wrappings, and single-use glasses for example, that are used to consume the food on the go.

Evoware use seaweed

Thatโ€™s where Evoware comes in the equation, with the brilliant idea of using natural materials, namely seaweed, that are biodegradable as well as edible.

Evoware products are edible food wraps, water-resistant soap wraps, edible sachets for seasoning, tea, coffee, and recently edible cups. People can finally start to bypass single-use plastic wraps and still enjoy their meals wherever they want.

  • It dissolves in warm water, making it a zero-waste product.

  • 100% biodegradable and works as a natural fertilizer for plants.

  • It has 2 years of shelf life, even without preservative.

  • Halal certified, safe to eat and produced in compliance with HACCP standards.

  • Nutritious, contains high fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  • Can be customized to give specific taste, color and brand logo.

  • Printable and heat sealable.

Evoware turn seaweed into different kinds of packaging

By using seaweed, Evoware is also greatly helping thousands of farmers living a better life by working closely with seaweed farming communities throughout Indonesia.

Seaweed-Based Packaging

seaweed farming is spread all over Indonesia, a country of more than 18.000 islands

Evo-ware collaborate with local seaweed farmers to provide best quality seaweed to bring you many benefits. Our seaweed-based packagingโ€™s patent has been granted, and we have received halal and safety guarantee certificate.

Seaweed farming is the practice of cultivating and harvesting seaweed

You can buy it through: Whatsapp: +628118692424 and email: info@evoware.id

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