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An interview with healthy drink producer Iris from Live Essences.

Immune Boost Drinks


  • Live Essences Wellness shots contains essential probiotics and vital acetic acids, powerful remedies that aid digestion and boost the immune system and fight bad bacteria.

  • Their mission is to inspire to follow your gut, and trust in your innate intuitions.

  • 100% natural wholesome medicinal product, where even the sweetener is non glycemic, form palm nectar.

  • They use a natural way to preserve the drinks. In their essence form, they have no expiry date.

Rooted in ancient knowledge, crafted from Mother Nature’s most powerful plants, botanical remedies has been used since the beginning of time.

We met with Iris an expert in the field who is wishing to share some knowledge and shed some light about how to live healthier listening to your guts.

Iris, the founder of Live Essences

Iris is Greek-German. She works with high-quality, invigorating ingredients to deliver drinks that are potent tonics, functional to cellular health, and skin care oils, entirely chemicals free. Life elixirs promoting healing, slowing ageing and balancing our body.

My intention is to share with you all what I have learned, and all that has brought me happiness and fulfilment, in the hope this will help you on your own journey. Iris from Live Essences

Her goal is to keep products, brand and experiences, pure and honest. A mindful business, aiming to be fully organic and 100% self-sustainable.

Live Essences complete offer of wellness shot drinks.

Wellness shots

Live Essences Wellness shots are processed with care with essential probiotics and vital acetic acids. Super powerful remedies that aid digestion and boost the immune system, fight bad bacteria and leave you feeling nourished, energised and vibrantly well.

Live Essences Wellness shots are carefully prepared, never overheated and minimally processed, to preserve their abundant nutrients, vitamins and their pure, unadulterated life force energy.

Live Essences lab in Bali.

Crafted from nature’s most powerful plants, LE drinks are currently produced using organic, fair-trade premium ingredients, devoid of any pesticides or harmful chemicals, sourced from the foothills of Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia.

Where it all started

Iris Grandmother Yaya was a full of vigour mountain farmer in a small village in the island of Crete. She fed her summers with wonderful stories of plants and natural wisdom.

In Munich, Iris used to spend hours watching grandmother Oma crafting, with engineer precision, stylish and beautiful dresses.

Iris now is doing the same, with plants! When she moved to Bali in 2000, her creativity sparked. She felt unstoppable!

Live Essences is inspired by the purity and power of the natural world, unlocking nature’s healing properties creating unadulterated and healthy products.

Bali took me back to the warmth, simplicity, energising and nature-honouring lifestyle of Greece. I realised that by reconnecting with the essence of my childhood, I was creating a new sense for my life, and looking towards an exciting future. Today, I have put all these feelings into 5 Essences, crafted with ancient wisdom and modern techniques. Iris from Live Essences

Live Essences healthy stomach drink.

Magicgreen asked Iris to share her story:

How you got involved in making healthy drinks?

For the love of medicinal plants, private lessons, online studies on traditional remedies I started developing my first recipe of Jamu, a traditional Indonesian health tonic.

Supplying the restaurant of my friends surf resort here in Canggu.

What motivates you and where are you going, as a company?

My main motivation is to bring ancient knowledge back paying attention to recent/modern research and applying techniques in the way we process the plants into the products, engineering unadulterated natural products.

Live Essences processes  plants into drinks.

Finding natural ways to preserve them. Creating foods that love you back.

Live Essences as a company to expand and add on numerous new products. Expanding its sales in South East Asia.

We are also working on a new idea to modularise the company and streamline it for a future franchising development.

Live Essences and some of the ingredients used.

What is the message that your brand is pushing?

Empower, inspire, ignite creativity. To EMPOWER the customer to listen to their body’s needs. To make better choices for themselves.

To inspire to follow ones gut, and trust in your innate intuitions again.

Reclaim your power. And to trust that you know for yourself whats best and needed in every moment.

When empowerment and inspiration are activated creativity can flow… Magical things can manifest✨

Where are you based and why there?

Canggu, Bali. Here has been the best place on many levels for my own development, to get in touch with my potential, to take action and being able to tweak my results!!

Bali is one of the Mecca’s of health and self development! We are supported by a spiritual and open minded community.

This helps very much with developing innovative products.

Live Essences source locally from organic faming facilities.

What we need to know about your products?

Making our products take time, from 2 to 4 months, we work with as much organic products as we can find available. And most medicinal plants are actually weeds.

They are 100% natural and even our sweetener is non glycemic, being a palm nectar. It’s a wholesome medicinal product.

We found a natural way to preserve it and, in its essence form, it has no expiry date.

The focus is to nourish and replenish both the stomach and gut flora. Drinks the body will appreciate to the fullest. Food that loves you back.

Live Essences skin oils.

Message or things you want to say to the world…

Nature is full of diversity and we need to bring diversity back into our lives and bodies in all the forms. Agriculture, communities and food. Following our bodies needs and making intelligent choices and better decisions.

It’s time for a change, where we re-educate our taste buds with foods that actually nourish, heal and revive the body.

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